Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't be That Guy!

Haven't posted in a while, so thought I would give my .02 on what I've seen last week.

Big fish are also starting to show up on the Dream Stream, but at this time I feel there are more fisherman in the river than 10 pound migrators from Elevenmile. If your going to the Dream Stream, "Don't be that guy!"

If your wondering who "That Guy" is and want to avoid being him, here are a few things to avoid.

1. Camps in one hole ALL----DAY-----LONG. Seriously, move around and fish to some different fish.

2. Cries and throws a hissy fit temper tandrom when someone starts fishing "to close." This is the Dream Stream in March, not a secluded high mountain Stream. Realize the boundary of what is an acceptable distance is smaller on the Dream Stream. If everyone is moving and not camping it works itself out. Tolerance people!

3. Fishing multiple egg patterns on the same rig. Unless you want your name to be omelet amongst your fishing buddies, don't be that guy.

4. Intentionally foul hooking fish--If your sight fishing its, going to happen from time to time, but don't set the hook for no other reason than your flies are near the fish. Set the hook when you see a white mouth, a flash, the fish move, or something justifiably out of the ordinary.

5. If your walking along the bank, and there is a guy on the other side fishing, there is no need to lean over the bank and take a peak into the hole the dudes fishing. If it's me on the other side, I'm going to tell you very quickly to, "Quit staring at my girlfriends ass!" Your will then look at me with a very puzzled look like "that guy" did on Wednesday. Here is what I mean. It's every guys nature to take a peak, but in respect fight the urge and don't be that guy! I suppose its better then the next degree of this which would be to just give my girl a nice slap on the rear AKA...walking by and out of testosterone driven impulse deciding to throw a line into the hole I'm fishing. A look is somewhat annoying but I can let it go. Touching crosses the line!

If you want to see what "that guy" DOES NOT LOOK LIKE...check out page 11 and 12 of Southwest of our guides Jeff Lyon had a few nice pics in there on a high mountain stream last fall!

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