Tuesday, April 27, 2010

South Platte Fishing Report: Last week of April

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Silver Springs Ranch
Ice has just come off our private ponds in Woodland Park. A recent trip had several large browns and bows put in the net including this absolute lunker pictured in this report! Only a 25 dollar rod fee and available only through Colorado Skies!

Deckers Area
We are all still hoping for some help from Denver Water in Clearing up the lower river with bigger flows out of Cheesman. Hasn't happened yet, and flows today were recently dropped to 52 CFS. What this means is fishing above Deckers is good-Very Good, and below Deckers is tough. Tie on some Banana Splits, and pat's rubber legs in the lower river and you might be surprised. The fish on the lower river have received little pressure in the last few weeks. If they can see your fly, they will eat it...I don't care what it is.

Above Deckers, lots of midges, BWO's and even some caddis starting to flutter around.

Eleven Mile Canyon
Fishing in Eleven Mile canyon has been good with higher flows, and good bug activity. Egg trailed with a barr's emerger will do the trick. If you want to get cute with it...purple jujubeatis, split foam backs, purple back beatis, etc.

Also some pike in the Canyon right now. Every spring the Pike migrate towards the dam and end up in the river below. They'll eventually work their way down to Lake George, but now is a chance to see some big pike. A few customers have come in with pics of some absolute monsters! The water is cold in the river, and the Pike will be lethargic. If you see one, tie on a gummy minnow and let it suspend right infront of them. A little twitch here and there.

Dream Stream
Still Not fishable. The lake is turning over, and the various feeder creeks have it pretty nasty.

South Park Stillwater
Ice off is right around the corner. Some open water at Antero, and Spinney is just days away! Stop in for some of our new chironmid patterns.

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