Wednesday, December 2, 2009

South Platte Fishing Report 12/2/09

Clarity: Clear
Hatches:  Midges
Hot Flies: Pink thread midges, Jame's Purple Midge, eggs, smaller beatis nymphs
Rating: Excellent

Deckers:  Fishing in Deckers has been exceptional as of late. Egg season has continued into December.  Dropping about any kind of midge below an egg is being received with great results.  Work also began along Horse Creek to clear out debree from this summers heavy rain.  This will allow water to return to the normal stream bed and should result in better water clarity below Deckers Bridge as work progresses.  

Eleven Mile: Had a chance to hit Eleven Mile with by boys from on black friday! What a fun group to fish with. Lot's of laughs, good food, and bent rods.  Streamers were producing fish early even on a blue bird day.  Slow six inch strips with a pause in between seamed to be the rhythm fish were dancing to.  As the day progressed nymph fishing was better.  A few fish rising from time to time and we were able to to take a few on a Brooks Sprout midge behind a 24 para-adams.  All and all--a great day to be on the water. Lot's of Kokes in the river still, but they are on their last fin. 

Dream Stream:  A lot of fish have returned to the reservoir but there are still a few goo fish around.  With the flow at 65 it's winter as usual with flies selection.  Don't be afraid to pull a streamer from time to time either!  

If you're interested in a trip it's a great time to get out and we are now in off season rates which is 20% off summer rates! 

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